using time capsules.

The goal of this website is to educate and empower you as you face what's next with polycythemia vera (PV).

With the time capsule feature, you can record yourself talking about where you currently are with your health, what your goals are, and how you are planning for the future. It’s a way to set your personal intentions and check in with yourself over time.

A couple things to keep in mind about your time capsules:

They’re just for you.

Your recorded time capsules will be privately available to you, only accessible after you log in to the site. Time capsules that you record will be available in your profile. We will not publish or make publicly available any of your time capsule recordings.

You can choose when to receive your time capsules.

When you record and submit a time capsule, you can decide when you want it sent to you—in one week, in two weeks, in one month, in two months. At that specified time, your recording will be sent to the email associated with your profile.